For over 40 years, Competition Electronics has been making "The Winning Difference" for shooters everywhere. Whether it be with our ballistic chronographs for measuring projectile velocities, or our competitive shot timers for measuring shooting proficiency - these tools make the difference. Each unit is assembled with quality craftsmanship and is proudly made in the USA.

Update 1.9.46

To ensure compatibility with newly released smart devices, we have implemented this version 1.9.46 update. Watch the app overview video below.

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    "My ProTimer BT provides the feedback for a more effective training session. I am proud to have Competition Electronics as part of my winning style for over 25 years.


    "Being able to track your progress is a key part of improving. The ProTimer BT's Bluetooth function along with the PT Link app has made this so much easier.


    "Every shooter I know uses a shot timer while training, and Competition Electronics shot timers are the best of the breed.

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