The following products are retired, but can still be updated with the latest version of software!

To perform an upgrade, you must ship your product to us along with a completed copy of the Return Merchandise Form. We will contact you when it is ready to be returned for payment. Turn around time is approximately one week.

Turbo 35 GFX

Possible Upgrades:

  • If your GFX does not currently have Lipo capability the software update cost is $50.00 plus return shipping.
  • If your GFX is running an older Lipo Ready version, and you would like to update it to the latest version, the cost is $35.00 plus return shipping. Unit must be returned for reprogramming. Testing and calibration is included.

Current software version is 4.20, a summary of the versions issued and changes made are as follows:

Version 2.70/2.80
First releases with Lipo capability.
Version 2.90
Change made to allow up to 99 cycles in cycle mode.(Previous versions allow up to 9)
Version 3.00
Change made to increase Lipo charge threshold (crossover) voltage to 4.22 v/cell. (Previous was 4.20 v/cell) Issued a revised operating addendum to show connections to various Lipo batteries.
Version 3.50 – Download Manual Addendum
Change made to limit discharge of 3S Lipo battery to 25 amps.
Version 3.60 – Download Manual Addendum
Addition of adjustable crossover voltage for Lipo batteries from 4.15 to 4.25 volts/cell
Version 4.01 – Download Manual Addendum
Addition of LiFe operating mode and increased charge rate settable to 20 amps (limited to 150 watts). *Note- motor run mode eliminated* Units with worn fusing will require service at additional cost.
Version 4.10 – Download Manual Addendum
Addition of user settable discharge cut-off voltage in the Lipo and Life modes. Addition of cell chemistry select to the menu loop. Expand Lipo and Life crossover voltage limits.
Version 4.20 – Download Manual Addendum
Addition of the LiPoHV operating mode for 1s and 2s LiPoHV batteries. Removal of the LiFe operating mode.

Turbo 35

Possible Upgrades

  • Lipo update is now available for $50.00 plus return shipping. 1 or 2 cell Lipo capability. The unit must be returned for the upgrade. Testing and calibration is included. Nimh/Nicd operation is retained and charge mah limits have been removed.

Download the Latest Manual Addendum