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DAA ProTimer Silicone Skin

DAA ProTimer Silicone Skin

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Introducing the DAA CE ProTimer Silicone Skin, the ideal accessory for your ProTimer or ProTimer BT, available in blue.

This protective skin adds a substantial layer of defense against weather and impacts, ensuring your timer stays safe while providing a comfortable grip for prolonged use. Its ribbed design along the sides enhances grip, effortlessly securing the timer in your hand.

With the DAA CE ProTimer Silicone Skin in place, all buttons—front and side—are shielded, offering enhanced weather resistance without compromising usability. Clear lettering on the skin matches that of the timer, simplifying button identification. The skin leaves all necessary openings accessible—the display, buzzer, sensor, LED, headset jack, and belt clip are all unobstructed. Only the battery compartment door is covered, requiring skin removal for 9V battery replacement.

Additionally, the skin features two short support legs at the base, making it easy to stand the timer upright on end. 

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