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ProTimer IV Super

ProTimer IV Super

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Designed for maximum versatility!

Hit factor scoring and external accessory connections set this shot timer apart from the rest. The Pro Timer 4 Super can control turning targets, activate horn and light signals, record hits from steel targets, and be started remotely or simultaneously with other Pro Timer 4 units. Requires one 9 volt battery for operation. Here are some key features:
  • Automatic power down after 10 minutes of non use.
  • Automatic power down memory of up to 6 par times
  • Wireless printer output for numbered shot times and splits, Hit Factor, stage points and points down.
  • Selection of instant, random or settable fixed start delay.
  • Plate input jack
  • Remote start jack
  • Relay driver jack
  • Shot sensing sensitivity adjustment
  • Horn on/off switch
  • Hit Factor scoring: Time is only half the data needed to find out who won. You must have your score divided by time to get your HIT FACTOR. With the ProTimer 4 Super, you enter your maximum stage points once. You then only need to enter your points down to get your HIT FACTOR. Nothing could be simpler. Now you can compare your final score (HIT FACTOR) with your shooting buddy to find out who is really the best. It is also great for club matches since the final stage score is computed instantly.
  • Made in USA with real service and support

Three operating modes:

  1. Simplified Mode – Displays time, shot no, split time, start delay, par time & par no for Club Matches.
  2. Standard Mode – Displays time, shot no, split time, review time, review shot no & review split time for individual practice.
  3. Extended Mode – Same as standard mode plus runs multiple par times for cadence practice.
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